Used Furniture On Sale: Getting Great Deals on Used Furniture


Used Furniture On Sale: How to Go About Getting Great Deals on Used, Pre-Owned and Pre-Loved Furniture

used furniture on saleOne of the most practical ways of filling up your new apartment or condo unit with decor is by buying pre-owned furniture. While the thought of buying pre-owned, used furniture might conjure up thoughts of an abandoned couch next to a dumpster, or a prewar dresser drawer passed down by relatives who were moving away, fact is, you might find it difficult to purchase new furniture in this economy. You might even be surprised to find some high quality used furniture on sale that has very minimal wear and tear that it still looks nearly as good as it did when it was new.

As with any purchase, planning makes a significant difference in the results. Buying new furniture can entail hours of staring at magazines and online catalogs, and looking for the piece of furniture that matches the theme of your home. When it comes to buying used furniture, it’s an entirely different ball game.

Used Furniture On Sale – Limited Options?

While you may have a general idea of what you want, you also have to accept the used furniture often only comes in that one pattern, or that one color, and that you have to be prepared to exercise flexibility in your decisions. It helps to make a list to determine how far you’re willing to stretch beyond your expectations. This will help you stay within budget, while still getting a piece of furniture that suits you.

used furniture on salePerhaps one of the biggest questions you’d need answered when buying used furniture on sale would be why the seller is getting rid of them. Examine the furniture carefully. Do not feel turned off by some scratches or paint that has peeled off. Think of those as an opportunity to negotiate for an even lower price. When you do find a piece of furniture that suits your needs, you also have to be open to possibly having some minor repairs done on it.

Used Furniture On Sale – Points to consider

Weigh what the overall price of the furniture would be if you included the cost of repairs, if you don’t plan on doing any of the repairs yourself. Also, consider the costs of having certain furniture professionally cleaned, such as mattresses and sofas. As they say, it is better to be safe – and hygienic – than sorry.

used furniture on saleAnother useful tip on getting great deals for pre-loved, pre-owned, and used furniture on sale is to carry cash. Many used furniture sellers would be more willing to negotiate on the price of the furniture if you’re willing to pay them cash up front. This would also help you stick to your budget.

Keep in mind though that this negotiating tactic only works if you talk directly with the owner of the used furniture and not with some middleman or consignment store. Buying used furniture can be a great way to save money on what could have easily been a huge investment. Thinking smart and buying smart in this economy will not only help you survive it, but also thrive in it. For more useful articles on used furniture on sale please browse through .

Design Dilemmas For Amateur Decorators

interior decoration

Whenever homeowners attempt to decorate their own space, what they usually do is to pick out design elements from whichever home improvement magazine they have subscribed to and then attempt to apply these designs to their own homes. Of course, what looks great in paper does not always work in actuality. There are always elements in a room which may not be clear in pretty magazine photographs but present real dilemmas unless you make the proper adjustments.


Sure, it’s easy to place pieces of furniture next to each other. However, the degree with which these pieces must be close to each other will actually affect how conversations are encouraged and nurtured in your space. To ensure that individuals are able to speak to each other, your seats and sofas should not be more than eight feet from each other. With coffee tables on the other hand, it should be 14 to 18 inches away from the sofa. This distance allows sitters to have enough legroom while sitting on the couch but still close enough for one to reach for a cup of coffee comfortably.


What you don’t see in magazines is how people are able to get around. However, providing for proper circulation in a room is one stumbling block for homeowners who try their hand at decorating, both figuratively and literally. While interior decorators often eyeball the distances, there are more definite measurements which they can provide for those who don’t have the same eye for design as them.

Decorators suggest that there should be no less than 48 inches distance between one end of a dining table and the closest furniture. This allows diners to encircle the table without any difficulty. For bedrooms, there should be at least 24 inches in between the side of your bed and the nearest wall. However, if your bed is very close to the door, then the bed should be no less than 36 inches away from a door. This prevents your door from hitting your bed when it is swung open.

Focal Point

When only one angle of a room is shown, you might be drawn to a very plush sofa or a carpet with some bold pattern. However, without being able to survey the room in a 360 degree fashion, it can be very easy to identify a wrong focal point if not completely do away with it. Experts from Nick Scali furniture  explains that the problem with this is that a focal point is what binds an entire room together. The focal point has the design element which is the common denominator in all of your furniture and decorative pieces. By singling out the wrong focal point or having the mistake of not having one at all, you may have a room which does not have any sense of coherence.

These design elements are hidden whenever you flip through the glossy pages of a magazine. However, by being mindful of these design elements, you can successfully translate what you see in these magazines to your real-life home.

Jade Howell, a professional interior designer and writer, shares the best tips when it comes to home furniture. She has several interesting suggestions when decorating indoor spaces at home.